Star Force - 90 Millions by SGP_SV_TNK (スターフォース)

Star Force

This time I have to write in English because we have the honor to host a fantastic run played by the famous Japanese player SGP_SV_TNK. As you can see from the title this video shows incredibile 90 millions points scored in Star Force. People who know the game, also know that it's f#*$ing hard and it should take ages to achive a score as big as this. In fact the original run lasts more that 17 hours!

The video, presented this time only on YouTube, is a "small" exerpt of the full run that shows 4 chunks of it for a total of circa 3 hours and half: LINK TO THE VIDEO.

Next you can find a small interview of SGP_SV_TNK and his contacts:

So, many thanks to SGP_SV_TN. We hope to see (and maybe publish) more great score like this from you!

Many many thanks also to nii-san and RAX, which made this video possible by contacting SGP_SV_TN and therefore they take all the credits ;).

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