DoDonPachi 2-ALL by Prometheus

DoDonPachi title

After a long wait, we can finally be proud to release the video recording of the first documented western DoDonPachi 2-ALL run! This amazing result was achieved some months ago by our French friend Prometheus who reached and defeated Ibachi, one of the most fascinating "true last boss" ever, while scoring almost 500 millions points. And he did all of this playing with a keyboard!

Because this is maybe the best run ever published on AEX, in addition to the usual normal and high quality versions, we realized an "enhanced" version inspired (ehm...) to the superplay DVDs. Please, let us know if this experiment is worth a 800MBytes download ;-), thanks!

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August 27. 2009 03:34

DoDonpachi is such a great game, i will bookmark this page and see video later. Maybe i can learn some new gaming skills :)

mame cabinet

March 2. 2010 14:00

Thanks for write in this post is really good. I think it will help me in the future.


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